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Book Review: Soutache By Anneta Valious

9:00 AM

by Anneta Valious

This is an unusual pick for me. The author did not use beading or craft wire in this book (which is usually my focus on this blog), but this style of jewelry making is so hot right now. I thought that it was worth my taking a closer look. "Discover a jewelry-making technique that combines beading and fiber in sumptuous designs!" This style of jewelry making looks so much easier than I would have ever thought. I had an "I can totally do this too" moment as I thumbed through the book. With 30 projects, there are plenty of ideas. Maybe I need to make a sweet little pendant that I can hang from my Soft Flex beading wire!

From the back cover, "Anneta Valious shows how to create magnificent soutache jewelry full of graceful curves and beautiful bead embroidery."

You can buy this book from Lark.

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