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Getting My Knit On! Knitting Soft Flex On The Road

1:19 PM

I got bit by the Soft Flex wire knitting bug and I am having a blast getting my knit on! It all started with a picture I posted on Facebook ... (famous last words, right?)  My knitted bracelet below was so popular that it inspired me to start some more.

Back Story: While visiting my family in New York this summer I gifted my little sister a Soft Flex knitted bangle bracelet for her birthday. My mom commented on how much she liked it so, when I returned home I set off to make her one and made the sea glass and pearl bangle that I shared with you in this blog post.  Upon finishing, I snapped the quick picture above and shared it on my Facebook page to say "hey, look what I made today!". Within minutes I had a few comments and a message from people saying "I love that bracelet you just made, how much is it?" and it was sold! I have never sold something so quickly. I was like "whoa, what just happened?!" Then I was like "hmm, I guess I should make more bracelets like that!"

Earlier this week I headed out on a road trip to California with my husband and a few friends. I packed some colorful spools of Soft Flex beading wire, my 5-peg knitting spool and cutters. That's all I needed to keep busy! I could have strung beads onto the wire and secured them with bead stoppers until I was ready to use the wire so, that I could add beads while I knitted. But, that's okay - I'll be adding beads down the center cage for most the designs anyway.

What a great road trip activity! It was a relaxing way to pass the time. Once a few rows are knitted I could stop when I needed a break and easily pick up where I left off. Here's a few pictures of my work in process: 

I made all of these knitted pieces on the way to California. The pieces are about 6" long and they each took me less than 30 minutes to complete. I used a variety of colors of .019 diameters and knit styles. Knit Style instructions and videos can be found on our How to use a Knitting Spool webpage. 
1. Chrysoprase and White Quartz Soft Flex Beading Wire - Knit Style 2.
2. Fluorite Soft Flex Beading Wire - Knit Style 1.
3. Antique Brass Color Soft Flex Metallics Beading Wire - Knit Style 2.
4. Pink Rhodochrosite and Pink Tourmaline Soft Flex Beading Wire - Knit Style 1.
5. Tanzanite Soft Flex Beading Wire - Knit Style 1.
These knitted Soft Flex wire pieces will likely be made into bangle bracelets however, you may use the pieces for any types of  jewelry making though. In the book, Show Your Colors you can find a chapter on this subject and it offers necklace, bracelet and earring projects.

I'll be sure to post my completed projects on Soft Flex's Facebook page and this blog when I finish!

Kristen Fagan is a multi-passionate creative and a graphic designer for Soft Flex Company.
Her favorite stone is Turquoise and she can't bead without Bead Stoppers. Learn more about Kristen and her creative passions online at  You may write to her at

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