Knitting With Soft Flex Craft Wire

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I received a few small gauge spools of Soft Flex Craft Wire recently so, I figured it was time I tried to knit with it! For knitting, the best gauges are 24-30. Thicker gauges are too hard to work with, and the finer gauges are too delicate and will easily break. I went with 26 gauge for my project.

I learned to knit with Soft Flex Beading Wire which is flexible and bouncy. Knitting with Craft Wire is much more rigid and I admit, I found it to be challenging. After two failed attempts I finally got a chain going on my third try. I decided to add some beads to the chain as I knitted. I had some yellow chip beads left over from a previous project and liked the brown and light yellow color combo, very earthy. I strung all my beads on the wire before I started knitting.

I created this design with Style 1 from our How to use the Knitting Spool tips page. I made the mistake of knitting without much thought of the size of the chain I needed. With Soft Flex Beading Wire, if I made the knitted wire too long I can easily back out some knits and shorten the design. With Soft Flex Craft Wire, not so much. I made the chain much too long for a bracelet, my initial intention. Then I thought maybe an anklet ... nope still to long. Then I thought I could make myself a necklace but, it was much too short. Finally, I realized it would fit my 7 year old son, who is enjoys wearing jewelry as well as happily giving jewelry we've made away to friends.

Despite some frustration with the rigidness of the wire, the look of the finished design is interesting and something I will try again. Here are some lessons I learned for next time:
Decide what you want to make beforehand so, you have an idea of how long to make the chain. 
Try not to pull too tight when knitting as it will make it harder to move forward. 
When pulling on the tail, try not to wiggle it too much as the wire will easily break off and will make finishing the design difficult. 
I found some books online that offer wire knitting and crocheting inspiration: Crochet with Wire, Twist and Loop and Wire Knitting .. on a Spool - Book on CD. I bet YouTube and Pinterest are full of ideas and tutorials too!

Kristen Fagan is a multi-passionate creative and a graphic designer for Soft Flex Company.
Her favorite stone is Turquoise and she can't bead without Bead Stoppers. Learn more about Kristen and her creative passions online at  You may write to her at

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  1. Hi I am hoping you can help I am very new to this in fact I have never done it I was wondering can you use tread as well as wire to do this
    also would I be able to incase a cable in it I have a photo shoot to do and I want to cover the cables of the hanging lights that are white in different colours and this looked like I would be able to slip the cable down the centre of it and it seems quick I would be over the moon with any help or advice you could give and did I say I love your jewellery bits thank you in advance marc


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