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DIY Holidays - Simple Braided Wire Snowman Ornament

8:00 AM

I love snowmen. I particularly love and miss them since I grew up in Montana but now live in Arizona. I don't get an opportunity to build a real snowman very often.

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Econoflex Wire - .019


Clip a bead stopper on one end of three strands of Econoflex wire and then braid the wires for 14 inches.

Use the braid to string one crimp tube. Pass back through the tube to create a 22mm circle (top of snowman).

Use the braid to string one crimp tube, 2 inches from the last one. Pass back through the tube to create a 48mm circle (bottom of snowman).

 Pass the braid back through the first crimp tube, creating a 30mm circle (middle of snowman).

Crimp both crimp tubes and cover with crimp covers. Hold the circles as straight as possible when you crimp. Trim excess wire.

Add a ribbon for a scarf and an ornament hook to hang. Please note that this ornament is unlikely to lay completely flat. If you find that the loops are not as flat as you like, fold them in the opposite direction until they straighten out more.

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