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Soft Flex Connector - Make A Quick And Easy Earring Using Magical Crimpers

10:11 AM

Over the weekend, I got an Ask Sara question about what to do with a gemstone bead or briolette that has a really small hole. Using a thinner gauge of craft wire can be a little scary because it is so soft and easily broken. My suggestion is to use the .014 diameter in Soft Flex beading wire to make a connector.

It should be noted that I used the Magical Crimpers with .014 in this project because I was passing through the crimp tube 3 times. In most cases, people only pass the wire through a crimp 1-2 times. In those cases, the Magical Crimpers do not work well with .014. The manufacturer suggests only .019 and .024.

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Magical Crimpers

String one crimp tube, one bead and then pass back through the crimp tube.

 Pass one wire back through the crimp tube for a third time to create the second half of the connector.

Crimp the tube using the Magical Crimpers. You can learn more about using those in our Tips and Tricks section. Trim the excess wire.

Use a pair of chain nose pliers to open the ring on the ear wire and slip the connector onto the earring.

Tah-dah! It is super easy but a great way to connect a fancy gemstone bead to an ear wire or a chain. You can also do this with the regular crimping pliers and apply 3mm crimp covers to make the round bead. The Magical Crimpers just make it quick and easy!

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