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Learn How To Knit With Beading Wire Or Make Soft Flex Earrings

10:58 AM

I taught two classes last Saturday at a lovely little bead store in Tucson, AZ. The first was a knitted bangle bracelet. I always try to offer my students the opportunity to make the design uniquely theirs. You'll see in the pictures that follow, no two designs were alike.

Do you want to make a knitted Soft Flex bracelet? Here is what you'll need:

Connector or Bead

In the afternoon, I taught an earrings class. We worked through projects in the Earring Project booklet. Each student chose their own colors and metal types. Again, no two pairs of earrings were exactly the same. I love this class because it really opens up a designers mind to using the wire as a component in a design rather than just a stringing supply. With so many colors and diameters, there are lots of choices to make.

Do you want to make some fun Soft Flex earrings? Here is what you'll need:

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