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Book Review - 1000 Beads - Juror Kristina Logan

9:00 AM

Juror - Kristina Logan

"This dazzling gallery book celebrates the timeless art of beadmaking, with photographs of outstanding pieces selected from nearly 3000 entries submitted by artists from around the world."
The majority of my friends and family don't understand my passion for beads and beading. A book like this is perfect for the coffee table. As people flip through and see the amazing variety of art found in beads, they quickly realize that there is more to it than they ever realized. 

This book is gorgeous, with crystal clear pictures of 1000 very special beads made from all sorts of materials. If you are looking for a feast for the eyes, this is the book for you!

If you are a jewelry designer, this is a great catalog of not only beads but bead makers who you can contact to purchase special art beads.  Each contributing artist is listed in the back and with a quick and easy google search, you can find most of them online.

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