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Hello old friend, I haven't been here much lately. I missed you, dear reader! I hope that you have been enjoying Kristen's posts and knew that I would be back to blogging eventually.

Last week, I got together with my best girlfriend and we made Word of the Year Jewelry. We each chose our word of the year - something that we want to focus on in the coming year and manifest in each of our lives. I chose "create." I chose this word for several reasons. Most of all, I haven't had the time or drive to be creative because of my busy schedule. Thankfully, this year, I will be finishing up a degree that has been many years in the making. I am looking forward to spending a little more time exploring my creativity again - making jewelry, crafting, blogging, and more.

To make my Word of the Year Jewelry, I used a Vintaj doorway blanks set. It opens up like a little book. So, I stamped my word of the year on the outside blank and then stamped a few key things that I'd like to create in the new year on the inside blank. Then, I locked it shut with a set of Vintaj lock and key charms. No design is complete without a little sparkle. I used 24g Soft Flex Craft Wire to add Swarovski crystals to my design. I used the graphic cube crystals in 4mm and 8mm. I love the Golden Shadow color! I finished the design off with a nice long chain. Baby Evelyn loves how this piece of jewelry jingles. She is always grabbing it to take a closer look!

So, this begs the question - do you need a Word of the Year? What will make your 2015 special?

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